glamour photography with tights and red bed
Do you need some reasons why you should do Boudoir, a little push in the right direction?
Here you go!

Reason #1:

Unless you age gracefully, let’s face it…you’re never going to look better than you do right now! I know, you’re looking at yourself in the mirror right now saying “I need to lose (insert # here) before I do this,” or “my boobs are virtually non-existent,” or “my boobs don’t look as good as they did when I was 16.” The list goes on and on when it comes to insecurities with ourselves. In 15 years though, you’ll look at these pictures and you won’t see the flaws. You’ll appreciate your body the way it was, for what it was.

Reason #2:

You’ll reinforce your sexy side, your beautiful body, and your self-confidence level will go through the roof! What can stop you when you know how beautiful you truly are?

Reason #3:

You’ve worked hard for that gorgeous body! Time to show it off. And working hard doesn’t always mean, a tight & toned set of abs. Sometimes that means the extra few pounds of baby weight. Yes, I said that. Yes, I mean it. The softening of a woman’s body after the birth of a child is BEAUTIFUL. It shows that you grew someone within your body, you nursed them, you
comforted them. The curves that come with childbirth are incredibly beautiful. Look a little harder, you’ll see it and if you don’t? We’ll show you.

Reason #4:

Surprising someone you love with these images, will be the ultimate gift. They’ll never see it coming. When they see how beautiful you look, how classy the photos are, and how you glow with pride when they open them, they will see just how truly incredible you are.

Reason #5:

Handing over a gift of beautiful images, is telling your mate just how sexy you think THEY are. You love them and are attracted to them today, just as the very first day.

Reason #6:

You will learn things about yourself, that you never knew before, & you’ll see yourself so much differently.

Reason #7:

We can show you that being sexy, isn’t just about skimpy lingerie or nude photos. Being sexy is however you define it! And just sometimes, you’re sexier with a little more on than a little less. We’ll help you redefine sexy.

Reason #8:

We can edit all of the stuff you don’t like about your body. Stretch marks? Good-bye! Need a rosy glow? On it! Wrinkles? Adios! Acne? Sayonara! Cellulite? No more! You name it, we’ll fix it!

Reason #9:

The traditional First Year Wedding Anniversary gift is PAPER or COTTON. Why not give the love of your life, the most memorable anniversary gift? A few beautifully done portraits or an album would fit the bill perfectly.

Reason #10:

After walking away from your session, you will be amazed by yourself. You’ll be proud of your body, and you’ll feel amazing. Once you see the photos? You’ll only be more amazed at the person we captured.

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The Boudoir is located out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and just an hour from St. Paul. Our number one priority is to capture photographs that encapsulate you in a classy, dignified, fresh, and contemporary manner. Our number one priority, is you. YOU could be a boudoir girl. Are you up for the challenge?