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His & Hers Valentine’s Day Gift List 2012 – Part 1

It’s getting close to crunch time, ladies & gents! Valentine’s Day is now only 5 days away! Less than a week. If you haven’t gotten your sweetheart a gift yet, you need to start cracking! So from us to you, a little Pre-Valentine’s Day present because we love you so. A 2012 His & Hers Valentine’s Day Gift List. Travis came up with a list for men from a man’s perspective and I came up with a list for women from a woman’s perspective. Enjoy!!


Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift List


#1 A little mini vacation just for the two of you. Pick a B&B and get out of town for the weekend. We stayed in The Olcott House in Duluth, MN, and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The rooms were so incredibly nice, the linens were divine, and breakfast in the morning was very delicious. The owners were also very accommodating and friendly, this B&B would come with very high recommendations from the 2 of us. Don’t miss out on this one, with rooms starting at $140 per night including breakfast and a cozy, luxurious, and beautiful room you won’t regret your decision!


The ceiling in this room is made of tin for better music sound quality

Both photographs were taken in the days of my Canon Rebel XT, before the start of my business. The top one was handheld at dusk…I should definitely have used a tripod ladies and gentleman…it’s a little shaky. But you still get the grand glory of the place!

2. A back massage. Who doesn’t love a back massage? And for men, they work so hard providing for us, that they deserve it! They might not show stress like we do, but it’s there! Make it fun and pay for a couples massage! Contact Carla at Time to Heal Massage and tell her Bobbie Sue sent you!

2012 Men's Valentine's Day Pampering Gifts

Purple Lotus in the U.K.

3.  A man looooves his protein, and nothing says I love you on Valentine’s Day for a man, than treating him to a big, fat, juicy steak dinner. Houligan’s Steak & Seafood in Eau Claire is a great place to go for a great steak. The link I provided will take you to the Specials page on their website. I’m sure the special doesn’t apply to Valentine’s Day, but restaurants are always crowded on Valentine’s Day anyway. Pick a day before or after or even a couple days so you can really enjoy eachother.

Houligans recommendation

4.  YOU is some Lingerie. I was surprised by this one…Travis isn’t a sexy lingerie type guy. He likes the plain jane t-shirt bra and panties type undergarments. But I suppose any man likes some lacy eye candy every once in a while. Trying to stay local with all of these, but unfortunately we don’t really have a local intimates shop in Eau Claire, that I know of! If you know of one, please let me know. For now, Trousseau Intimates out of Milwaukee, WI can probably help you out with some scandalous under things.

Milwaukee, WI intimates for Valentine's Day

5. Surprise & happiness at whatever he gives you in return. This might seem like a given, but no matter what he gets you…even if it’s a new kitchen appliance, a vacuum cleaner, office supplies, or drugstore chocolates, the fact remains that the man thought of you. He might not be particularly gift shopping savvy, or he just really has no idea what you want. He may even feel that by buying you something you truly NEED that he is showing his love for you better than flowers, diamonds, or chocolates could. He’s not far off the mark…when you open up that kitchen appliance, remember how much easier it is going to make your life. You already have lots of jewelry, the chocolates are never THAT good, and the flowers are over-priced and vanish quickly. A sturdy present will be a testament of how much he loves you, far longer.

I love you

(Marie Claire)

This post has gotten longer and more involved than I thought possible, probably because once you get me writing I never stop, so the women’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide will be a separate post. Keep your eyes peeled. What are you wishing for for Valentine’s Day?

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