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Talk to Me About the Safety of My Boudoir Images

Your Boudoir Photos are Safe and Secure with The Boudoir of Eau Claire, WI
When women have boudoir images done, one of the first things on their mind usually is (and should be) the safety of themselves and their images. There are many people out there who will take advantage of a woman’s vulnerability, and more importantly; they are LOOKING for the opportunity. Unfortunately many women have blinders on, or are flattered by someone asking them to pose for them as “models.” The term modeling makes many women feel special, which they should but not at the expense of having unflattering or unprofessional photos taken of them. When you’re in your most special lingerie and you look your best, you want someone who will make you FEEL the best. Someone who will present you with images you will be very proud to share and excited for others to see. Tasteful & classy.

Another important detail, is you want those images to be displayed beautifully, you do not want those images floating around all over the place with no respect for your privacy. I know personally of a few photographers in this industry who have websites that they charge men to come on and view their images of women in vulnerable positions. In fact, a friend of a friend of mine had her images on one of these sites and had no idea until I brought it to her attention. This is such a lousy way to do business, and no woman should ever, under any circumstances have to find herself on one of these websites.

With The Boudoir, you have our word, promise, GUARANTEE… We will NEVER display or show your images, unless we’ve discussed that option with you and had a signed release form. We will never allow a third party to view your images in any way, shape, or form without your written consent. Even if written consent is provided, we will gladly remove any and all images from our website, Facebook page, etc. Our number one goal before anything else, is to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment in which you can feel your best and leave with more confidence than you came with.

However, we still need to share the work we’re doing so other women will feel comfortable and KNOW that this is a respectful business we’re running. One whose utmost, number one concern is you as our client, and your peace of mind. With that said, if you trust us with your images and presenting them in a classy and tasteful manner we will gladly give you a $50 credit to put toward prints or editing.

Ask us today how to book a special session just for you that will be in a safe & secure environment, and will make you feel like the lady you are. Thank you so much for considering The Boudoir.

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